Saturday, April 03, 2010

Back to square one

NewFNP just returned home from her going away party held at the home of the medical director of the research clinic. She doesn't regret her decision to leave at all, but it sure as hell isn't easy.

Her last day was yesterday. Two weeks ago, she told a 29-year old guy that he was HIV+. She laid the foundation for his continued care, but she would like to have been there to help him. These are the situations that make working in health care so rewarding (helping people in their time of need) and changing positions so sad (leaving people in their time of need).

But on her last day, one of her favorite research participants who finished the trial several weeks ago, returned to the clinic.

"It's your last day, isn't it?" he asked newFNP. He came by to say thank you and to say goodbye. It was really touching.

And so she goes, back to urban community health full-time. Her NHSC loan repayment application is pending and she is happy to have regular hours, busy days and patients to care for.

But tonight, leaving the party, newFNP's heart is heavy. NewFNP loves people easily and there are some people at the research clinic who have won her heart. And she will miss working with them very much.


Anonymous said...

I was going to ask if you were going back to full time to do LPR again! LOL

I'm in research now and looking to get into clinical practice... I agree, after a while you kinda miss it.

David said...

Change is tough but when you know it is the right thing for you in your heart it all works out.

Not that it makes it easier, but NewFNP says she love easily, so there will be new stories and people to talk about soon.

Anonymous said...

I miss my community health patients! I hope it goes well and that the NHSC stuff comes through. It is pretty awesome to pay those big loans off while you're at it.

Andrew said...

Good luck with nhsc. Just got word mine was approved last week! They have streamlined the process so it goes pretty quick.