Saturday, February 14, 2009

You shouldn't have!

NewFNP isn't one to buy gifts off the street.  Maybe in Milan or Oaxaca, but not so much in her clinic's urban area.  However, judging by the amount of temporary vendors that pop up around the holidays - real or created - the urban stuffed animal street gift economy isn't suffering too much.

In fact, there are all manners of crappy gifts to be purchased streetside!  NewFNP's interest in the street gifts was piqued when she noticed a trend, some may say disturbing, several years ago around Mother's Day.  The hot ticket item that year was a ceramic swan in one's choice of ladylike pastels with a faux flower arrangement sprouting from the swan's hollow back.  

No swans for Valentine's Day 2009.  No sir.  Of course, there are many options for Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals - small and large and extra large - wrapped in clear cellophane.  There are carnations and roses and mini balloons.  All of these things are available, sure, but are they really special?  Is the mini Pooh with carnation combo really going to say "I love you" and possibly lead to mind-blowing amour on this potentially amour-filled day?

Or is a four-foot tall mirror in the shape of Tinkerbell going to nail it?  Because if it is, newFNP knows where to score one.

Now, it might be said that newFNP's tastes tend toward the finer things and often exceed her budget.  Her current obsession is the Bertoia bird chair (and ottoman) and the Tiffany & Co. platinum and diamond anchor pendant.  

Alas, newFNP is not holding her breath.  

Happy V.D. everybody!

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T Rex Mom said...

Just before holidays we have folks in a nearby community that sell baskets with stuffed animals and who knows what else on the street corners. And the really high end ones sell out of their camper trailers! But I've never been close enough to see exactly what is contained in the baskets.