Tuesday, August 14, 2007

CME Update

When attending a CME, all of the answers seem so obvious.

Duh, the lesion in slide is melanoma. Ray Charles could see that!

Clinical practice, however, is not so tidy. Especially family practice. Being a generalist is tough. In the eyes of the patient, one is expected to know it all, be it funky dermatological lesion, West Nile Virus or lumbago. However, in clinical practice, patients give horrible histories and, in newFNP's practice, this issue is significantly exacerbated by the ole language issue. In clinical practice, newFNP doesn't have the luxury of having convenient multiple choice answers from which to choose her differential diagnoses.

NewFNP will, at some point, share some of the more illuminating information gleaned from the conference, but in the mean time, can she just say that she enjoyed so thoroughly her 12-mile scenic bike ride with BostonFNP and her younger sister RooSF? NewFNP is leading a life of leisure! Post-conference and gym yesterday, we all hit the pool where newFNP donned some very now Tom Ford sunglasses, slathered herself in SPF, and read The NewYorker. She topped her evening off with not one, but two margaritas and a crab tostada.

NewFNP loves her CME. It's not just all the leisure either. NewFNP feels inspired yet again to be an excellent clinician and is in touch with her inner nerd as she basks in the glow of the Power Point slides.

Ahhhh..... Continuing Medical Edu-vacation. Just what the nurse practitioner ordered!

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Anonymous said...

A few months ago you posted about a woman who had multiple cosmetic procedures, but was still obtaining her "regular" medical care via a government sponsored program. I thought I would share a quick story with you - forgive the fact I am replying to the wrong post. Today I saw 440 lb (by his own account, our scale doesn't go that high), JI, who is on state funded insurance. He was in for his "pre-op" exam. His upcoming "op" was liposuction and penile implants. First of all, there is not a hose big enough to suck that much fat out, much less a implant large enough to rescue his poor hidden penis from all of that excess fat. Then let's talk about how a 50 year old immigrant dressed to the nines, dripping in gold jewelry, indulging in cosmetic surgery (and more than a few steaks) has managed to qualify for state insurance!