Sunday, February 04, 2007

NewFNP is no Pollyanna but...

Connoisseurs of newFNP know that she is prone to cynicism, to sarcasm and, sometimes, to frank exasperation. Well, newFNP is attempting to focus on the positive, to adopt a glass is half-full perspective, to be understanding.

For instance, just the other day, newFNP was leaving the loo, thinking to herself how grateful she is to work in a true family practice clinic. There are no internal medicine, pediatrics and gynecology clinics. No, newFNP jaunts from an elderly, obese, illiterate, non-compliant diabetic patient in room 1 (less fun) to a three-day old baby in room 2 (more fun). It is a lovely way to practice and newFNP does not get too bogged down in pediatric URIs or geriatric DM.

Another fashion in which newFNP has attempted to utilize the power of empathy is to attempt to understand the emotions and thought processes behind her patients' actions.

Consider - if you will - the case of the woman with the itchy scalp and hair loss. To newFNP, it might seem simply ludicrous and frankly dangerous to self-treat with topical Clorox bleach. But to her patient, perhaps the use of said laundry brightener/toilet cleaner was an act of sheer desperation, allowing newFNP to truly appreciate the urgency of the scalp situation. OK OK, it did take newFNP two days of incredulousness to gain said insight, but she is working on it and attempting to grow professionally.

She is also trying not to pull her hair out and get shipped to the psych ward before her contracted term is up. If she can pull it off, newFNP will have what is known as a "win - win" situation. Fulfilling employment on the one hand, significantly less student loan debt on the other.


PsychNP2B said...

I love you!!! Just found your blog while trying to do some research for one of my NP core classes. It has absolutely nothing to do with the assignment but it made my day. Two things: Please don't be one of those bloggers that just blogs once a month. And two: what did you do for that lady's itchy scalp? I have her problem but never thought of using Clorox.WTF?!

mobitz57 said...

Hey, my grandpa-in-law still uses Clorox in his bathwater. Recommends it for everyone. Keeps you healthy. Somedays when the option is boiling yourself for 15 minutes, bathing in hand sanitizer, or just adding Clorox to the bathwater because of all the goobers you deal with, it's gotta make you think.