Thursday, February 03, 2011

Ho no she didn't

NewFNP was driving to work early this morning and it's possible that she didn't entirely have her senses about her. She was driving through an area that is known for being up to no good, but that's pretty routine for her so it was no BFD.

Readers of newFNP know that newFNP considers shopping to be as essential to her life as oxygen, George Clooney and the Sunday Styles. So when she saw a sign for "hoe-tique," she did a double take.

Hoe-tique?! Shitty neighborhood or not, it doesn't seem right that one could just walk in and buy a ho like that! Or maybe they just sell ho accessories such as short-shorts and thigh-high patent pleather boots.

Upon closer inspection, newFNP realized that the store was, in fact, a Shoe-tique but that the "S" had faded over time. Now, newFNP does love herself some new shoes, but she was a little happier when the store was the hoe-tique.

After all, new shoes are a dime a dozen. New hos are harder to come by.


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

FNP funny tonight. Been many a year since I saw a new hoe.

John said...

Lol , Funny post, I had a recent similar experience when I reached at someone else home because of the old name plate

indeazgirl said...

oh, i love you.

Jasmine M said...

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Unknown said...

I'm a new FNP...just passed boards 1/31. I'm up @ 3am searching for any info I can find on how to find my first job--I've submitted resumes for several positions & now driving myself crazy checking my email for responses. This is not the "here's your first job on a silver platter" that I had planned...
As I scrolled down my list of favorites, I ran across your blogspot, which I haven't visited in some time. It feels good to smile & laugh a little in the midst of my new career frustration. Thanks a bunch newFNP! This new FNP in FL needed some cheering up! :)

Jackie Foster said...


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