Monday, June 21, 2010

NewFNP Film Festival

Just last week, newFNP was lamenting her Groundhog Day-like hum-drum clinical existence. A pap here, a diabetic med refill there. Nothing but the same old, same old. In fact, she thought that should an abscess walk in the door, she would not have the slightest recollection as to how to treat it.

Well, the universe listened. She had one of those Field of Dreams type of scenarios. All she had to do was imagine an abscess and voila!! Not one, not two, not three but high five abscesses walked into the clinic. On the same woman.

Now, newFNP loves her some Hot Tub Time Machine, but she is remarkably less enamored with Hot Tub Folliculitis. It is not a sequel one would recommend. Apparently, this woman and her paramour took a romantic getaway to a local hotel and enjoyed a soak in the hotel jacuzzi. A fun time was had by all until newFNP's patient began experiencing some angry booty blemishes. By the time newFNP saw her, two of the five abscesses were ready to go.

It was the first time newFNP had ever incised and drained two abscesses on the same patient on the same day and the first time she had ever seen so much necrotic detritus exit the newly opened wound.

As is generally the case with incision and drainage, newFNP's patient felt immediately improved and newFNP felt a renewed enthusiasm for her role in clinic.

And just like in the movies, newFNP (and her patient) experienced a happy ending.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Punxsutawney newFNP

It has been just like Groundhog Day for newFNP. Stepping in the same puddle, getting annoyed by the same people and generally reliving the same thing day after day after day.

And then there was today, when newFNP literally hit her head against the wall while discussing yet another undesired change in her schedule.

Work. WTF. As newFNP's mom used to say, too bad we weren't born rich instead of so good looking.